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The French Stereo-Club, association, founded in 1903, has for goals to bring together people interested in stereoscopy and promote the relief (3D) image in all its forms.

Admire relief photo albums and video-slideshows. There is a profusion of it. And the site gives you the instructions mode d'emploi to see in relief according to your equipment.
Visionner directement des Vidéos en 3D.

The old stereoscopic photos, from the 19th century stereo card to the glass plates and the slides, are very numerous in the "archives database" accessible to the members.

The club allows you tolearn how to make photos and videos in relief thanks to technical documents available on the site, to exchanges between members and to technical meetings.
Some of the Club's technical sessions are videotaped to make them available to all members. See the videos of the technical sessions..
Tutorials allow you to start easily (see: Full 3D Easy Start), and create slide shows-videos (see: Tutorials for mounting 3D video slideshows))

Many books, articles, documents, allow to understand the stereoscopy..

The monthly newsletter retraces the life of the club, keeps us abreast of technical news, publishes numerous photos in relief and in color.

Anyone interested in relief images is warmly welcomed into the ranks of the French Stereo Club.
- amateur photographers or videographers passionate about relief;
- Collectors of relief images or devices that have been used to produce them or to show them to the public;
- professionals committed to their profession in the presentation of relief images;
- craftsmen selling equipment for shooting or presenting relief images ...

For more information see the brochure (PDF)

The purpose of this club is exchange and mutual aid to understand stereo, master the techniques, see and show 3D images and videos, produce yourself 3D images and videos..
So participate and / or support the action of Stereo-Club French: Join !

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